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Welcome, Principal Salma Hussein!

Principal Salma Hussein


My name is Salma Hussein, and I have the honor and responsibility of leading Gideon Pond Elementary School! I am excited to get to know you and work with you. My passion is to facilitate love and strength-based learning for every student.

I have a passion for students, which inspired me to major in youth work in college. I am bringing my passion for students to Gideon Pond, where I will work in tandem with our outstanding staff to guarantee that every student receives an excellent education. Every student will feel and know that we, the adults at Gideon Pond, care about them and their futures. To do this, we will
invest in building relationships with each student and working with them as partners in their education.

I am excited to begin our work together. Together, we will build on the great traditions and tell the story of our school, a school where we create genuine connections and are committed to each student’s academic success.

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